The Whole Gang at Santiago Oaks Regional Park - Goat Trail Lookout

Hiking | Santiago Oaks Regional Park

If you’re in the Anaheim Hills area and have a couple hours to spare, the trails at Santiago Oaks Regional Park (and there are many of them) will lead you up to Robbers’ Roost; active dogs will have fun pulling you up the steep portions. If the skies are clear, or if the clouds are high, there’s a fantastic panoramic view to behold; just ignore the Edison transmission lines. In the spring, expect to see a colorful field of post-rain wildflowers. If you have a little more time, take the Barham Ridge Trail over to the Roadrunner Loop at the adjacent Irvine Regional Park. The trails are mostly uncovered, so it’s best to come on a cooler or overcast day. Beware the poison oak, rattlesnake and high-speed mountain bikers. Also a good place for trail running. Friday’s dog-friendly assessment: four paws up.

View from Robbers’ Roost looking west towads Santa Catalina Island. January 2012.

Our visit on January 14, 2012:

Path: Historic Dam Trail > Santiago Creek Trail > Mountain Goat Trail > Barham Ridge > Robbers’ Roost > Oak Trail > Wilderness Trail > Arizona Crossing Trail

Distance: 4 miles

Hiking Time: 2 hours 20 minutes

Total Elevation Gain/Loss: 800′/800′

We kicked this trail’s butt. Our good IRL friends, Jeff and Colleen of Greene Adventures, had been here a few times and suggested we join them on this “easy morning dog friendly hike.” It was so easy that Friday took off running and made me go with her (including up the steep Mountain Goat Trail). And we hardly broke a sweat… and we’re not in shape. So when we say it’s easy… it’s EASY.

Reminder – we’re in the middle of Orange County suburbia… surrounded my McMansions, courgars and snakes, oh my!

Behold the views. The reward for running to the top of Robbers’ Roost is the stellar view of Santa Catalina Island, the Los Angeles Basin, and all the local mountain ranges. The recent winds also made for some really clear skies. Notable encounters included two red-tailed hawks, flying below us while at Robbers’ Roost. Pleasantly absent from our trip were mountain lions, rattlesnakes, bobcats and poison oak. Sadly absent: wildflowers.

Miss Friday using her nose on the trail.

Follow the horse poop. Friday had a ball; there was just enough horse poop and greenery on this trail to keep her nose engaged. My biggest workout was trailing her with a 6’ lead. You may or may not have the same experience with your dog.

Takeaway notes for next time. If we parked at the school just below Robbers’ Roost, we could get there quite easily… without hiking up the steep trails. The Greenes call this the “cheaters route.” We call it the “park fee exempt route;” both terms sound equally pleasant. And evidently, it’s beautiful at sunset.

We live around the corner from here, so we’ll be back soon. Join us?!

Happy trails,

Kim and the gang


101 Hikes in Southern California, Jerry Schad (Hike # 53)

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The Whole Gang at Santiago Oaks Regional Park – Goat Trail Lookout.


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  1. January 28, 2012 @ 6:06 pm Rossandra White

    As the crow flies would this be “above” Newport Coast?” And you’ve got your dog with you! Yes!! My hike is up Canyon Acres to the Top of The World (I live on Arroyo, to the left up Canyon Acres) and blog–among other things–about my dogs, my hikes, with reminisces about my African self. Don’t read the one called “Me and The Law.”



    • January 28, 2012 @ 10:32 pm Kim


      YES! Thanks so much for leaving me a note – I go everywhere with my dogs. :-) Let me know if you want to get together for a dog-friendly hike sometime!



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