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Dining | Old Vine Cafe

I always enjoy this place. The porcini macaroni and cheese is rock solid, as is everything else on their menu. The wine pairings and community dinners are quite fun, too. Also a great weekend brunch location, especially on the patio with your dog.


I first came to this cafe (inside The Camp)  in 2009; it was a rainy afternoon, between the lunch and dinner service. I walked in with a bottle of wine and asked the two owners (brothers) for a Q&A session. I had aspirations of going to culinary school and wanted their feedback since they were recent graduates of the Laguna Culinary Arts program. I can’t say I’m a single step closer to achieving that culinary goal, but I’m still grateful for their time with me since they’re busy, busy people.

Our visit on December 10, 2011: I ordered a fried arugula salad with burrata cheese and a bowl of the porcini mac n’ cheese. My girlfriend might have orderd the same thing. The fried arugula salad was so stellar, I bought a box of arugula on my way home so that I could make more that very evening. And the porcini mac n’ cheese is always good. Always.

Gal Friday’s first trip to the Old Vine Cafe… after attending a dog show at the Costa Mesa Fairgrounds.

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  1. January 31, 2012 @ 9:27 pm Anne

    I DID order the exact same thing, and it WAS to-die-for YUMMY!!!


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