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Kim and Garret Road Trip # 5 – Bring Boulder Home

The latest installment of the “Kim and Garret Road Trip Series” takes us to New Mexico.

The primary purpose: BRING BOULDER HOME. [Note: Boulder had been training with Terry Chandler/Rugerheim Kennels in Las Cruces since June 2014.] Secondarily, the purpose was to hang out, disconnect from reality, and spend a few days off the grid. The following is a photographic summary of whereabouts between Wednesday, December 31st and Sunday, January 4th:

Wednesday, December 31, 2014:

www.trailingfriday.com - 2014-12-31 - 01. Southwest Flight Delay

The trip got off to a slow start. My flight into ABQ was short and on-time… but because of the nasty weather, we were stuck on the tarmac for about 45 minutes before there was a gate for us to pull into. Garret patiently waited in a nearby lot to pick me up. [Note: Garret left Southern CA on Christmas Day and had been traveling through Utah with a friend of his. Dropping his friend off at the airport and picking me up marked the second leg of his vacation.]

www.trailingfriday.com - 2014-12-31 - 02. Land Rover

The previous night, it got so cold that Garret’s car wouldn’t start the next day. So before leaving Albuquerque, we stopped in at the local Land Rover to get a new battery. This set us back about an hour.

www.trailingfriday.com - 2014-12-31 - 03. Land Rover

Garret and his boy, Blue! Waiting for the car to be done.

www.trailingfriday.com - 2014-12-31 - 04

Later in the afternoon, we hit the road. Destination: LAS CRUCES. Our root beers were awesome.

Late in the afternoon, we pulled over off of Highway 1 to let Blue run for a little bit. We found animal remnants! Eeeewwww:

GPS coordinates: 33.513527, -107.221911

Socorro County.png


The red star is where we parked, the red box is where we roamed.










That evening, we met up with Terry, his wife, Janet, grand-daughter Athena, and friend Paul for a dinner at a local Mexican restaurant. Garret and I then retired to our hotel rooms at the La Quinta Inn and Suites in Las Cruces. Note to travelers; this was a dog friendly hotel and rates were reasonable; about $75/night. I was so tired by the time we reached the hotel that my phone call home to the husband lasted just long enough to wish him a happy new year, and then I was out.

Thursday, January 1, 2015:

The breakfast at the La Quinta is pretty weak; the “make it yourself waffles” had fake butter and fake syrup. But we ate it anyway because it was better than the cereal and lukewarm milk. Then we headed over to Terry’s to pick-up Boulder before heading out of town.

Note: There are no words to describe how happy I was to see Boulder for the first time in six months. Not gonna lie, I was thrilled that he was happy to see me.


www.trailingfriday.com 2015-01-01 007

Please click here to view more photos of this morning with Boulder.

Hanging out with Terry set us back a bit. Knowing a storm was coming in, we high-tailed it to Silver City, New Mexico, and crossed our fingers that we would arrive before nightfall/snowfall. Along the way, I tuned into the Rose Bowl game with Oregon and Florida State (GOOOO DUCKS!!!!) via my cell phone. Coverage was spotty, but better than nothing.


Before checking into our hotel in Silver City, we stopped in at City of Rocks for a quick romp in the state park:

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www.trailingfriday.com 2015-01-01 243

www.trailingfriday.com 2015-01-01 255

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Later in the day, we checked into the Holiday Inn Express in Silver City, New Mexico, and got comfortable before heading out to dinner at the Red Barn Steakhouse. Note: Dinner was marginal. We both ordered medium rare steaks, and they came out thin (less than 1/3″ thick) and medium well. The cook probably made it right, it just sat too long before being served. The margaritas, however, did their job.

Processed with VSCOcam

Click here for a few more photos from our stay at the Holiday Inn Express in Silver City, New Mexico.

Friday, January 2, 2015:

We woke up to a blanket of snow, and ran the dogs in the empty lot next to the hotel.

www.trailingfriday.com 2015-01-02 099

Click here to see more photos from the morning romp.

Confession time. The morning I left for the airport, I sort of threw my clothes into my luggage and ran out the front door. I knew it’d be cold, but I wasn’t really prepared to be standing around in the snow. So, Garret and I spent most of the morning driving through town, looking for a place that would sell me a warm winter coat. Kudos to Tractor Supply for still having some in their clearance section!!! Here are a few photos of our drive through the super cute town of Silver City:







Then we found a real estate office. And made the decision to walk in and talk to someone. An hour later, we were on our way up to a community called Wind Canyon so we could scope out two adjacent lots (#109 and #110) that were still for sale by the developer. By now, we knew it was a miserable, cold, snowy day, and there was a very slim chance we were getting out of town. So while Garret drove, I called the hotel to check us in for another night.



Here’s a nice shot of Blue and Boulder at Wind Canyon:

www.trailingfriday.com 2015-01-02 338

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Just before dark, we headed towards the Gila Cliff Dwellings, only to get turned away due to extreme road conditions. No worries, we took the dogs out for yet ANOTHER romp on the side of the road:

www.trailingfriday.com 2015-01-02 416

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Saturday, January 3, 2015:

The sun came out!!! One last romp by the hotel, and then we were off to hit the road. Destination: somewhere closer to home in Southern California.

Our first stop of the day was the Black Hills Rockhound Area off of Highway 191 in Graham County, NM.


Click here for more photos from this outing.

Further west, we stopped in at the Gila Box Riparian National Conservation Area. Note: I am no longer concerned that my dog might not like water!

www.trailingfriday.com 2015-01-03 122

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By late afternoon, we had crossed over into Arizona. One last stop for the day in the Tonto National Forest. For me, this was my FAVORITE stop of the whole trip. Talk about naturally-occurring botanical garden! With the sunset as a backdrop, it was a feast for the eyes.

www.trailingfriday.com 2015-01-03 326

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That night, we stayed at the Days Inn in Buckeye, Arizona. Sort of a dump, but they took dogs and had vacancy. We were out of there by 7:00 AM the following morning.

Sunday, January 4, 2015:

Breakfast at a diner called Three Times Family Restaurant. Breakfast was better than average, actually! Then we moved onto a little spot off the road near Dome Rock.

www.trailingfriday.com 2015-01-04 032

Click here for more photos from this outing.

A few hours later, we were home!

Now it’s back to reality; work at the office for Garret and wrangling dogs for me. It won’t be long until our next road trip. Spring or Summer 2015, perhaps?!


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