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Hiking | Holy Jim Falls

Follow the creek to a beautiful all-year waterfall that awaits at the end of a short, easy hike. Go here if you like shade and water, need to get away from the City and have a couple of hours to spare. The drive in is rough, but scenic and gives you a preview of the canyon, and takes about 10 minutes from the main road; a high clearance vehicle is recommended. Look for beautiful foliage in the autumn. See if you can also find the ladybug colonies or figs on the fig trees. Bring your sandals for the wet crossings during the wet season. Pack a picnic lunch for munching at the waterfall.  

Falling water in the stream leading up to the falls. October 2011.

Our visit on October 23, 2011:

Weather: sunny, warm, 72 degrees

Trail Condition: good

We shared the trail on a Sunday morning with other a few other hikers and some mountain bikers. Not crowded until we were leaving at 12:00 PM. Beautiful autumn colors today. Lots of water, despite the time of year. Notable encounter: we witnessed a spider entombing a fly on our way in… the fly was “gone” on our way out. Also came across a little ladybug colony. Pleasantly absent from our trip were mountain lions, rattlesnakes and poison oak.

Holy Jim Falls. October 2011.

Autumn foliage, ladybugs and falling water.

Autumn colors.

My girlfriend’s dog, Belle, on her inaugural hike. Happy pup!

Happy trails,

Kim and the gang


50 Hikes in Orange County, Karin Klein (Hike # 46)

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Beautiful Photos:

Nick Carver Photography: Holy Jim Falls Trail


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