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Hiking | Anaheim Hills Trail – East Branch

A great place to let your dog run off leash, this suburban trail behind the McMansions of Anaheim Hills offers some nice  panoramic views over Weir Canyon. On our visit in June 2012, we spotted deer prancing along the Weir Canyon Trail. Be careful, though, because we also stepped over a snake sunbathing on the dirt. Britta and Friday’s dog-friendly assessment: four paws up.

Setting the alarm for 7:00 AM on a Sunday morning is not a task I look forward to. But if that means getting on the trail before the rest of the free world, and before the fog burns off, well… okay. Once we pulled out the backpack and dogs figured they were going on a “W-A-L-K,” there was no turning back.

This trail is only a five-minute drive from the house, so I’m a little perplexed as to why we hadn’t done it sooner. No matter, it was a nice, cool morning. Hardly anyone was out today, so we unclipped the leashes for a bit and let the dogs go to town. In a dry spring, we even managed to spot a few blooms.

Before it gets too warm, we’ll have to try this one again; it seems great for trail running, even though we walked most of today.

A post-hike brunch at Kimmie’s Coffee Cup near the Orange Circle in the City of Orange, CA. A great way to recover those burnt calories!!

Happy trails,

Kim and the gang


– Afoot and Afield in Orange County, Jerry Schad (Santiago Creek/Anaheim Hills, Trip # 4)


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  1. June 29, 2012 @ 1:07 pm Louise

    The South Kaibab Trail offers the most scuptacelar views even a mile below the rim. If you can make it a couple of miles more you will get even better views of the inner gorge. The Bright Angel Trail is a little easier and has good views also. It also has water available a couple of places before Indian Garden if it is still turned on at that time of year. Just remember that it is probably going to take you twice as long to hike out as it took you to hike in so watch the time if you don’t want to drive at night. Have fun!


  2. September 4, 2012 @ 4:11 pm Pam

    Oh! I just stumbled across your website and it is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Thank you SO very much for sharing! I would LOVE to post a link to this on my website because it’s just to lovely to be “stumbled across”!



    • January 11, 2013 @ 11:34 pm Kim

      Thanks so much for the kinds words, Pam!



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