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Dog Park | Irvine Bark Park

We like this park because it’s lighted and open late. For summertime, there’s plenty of shade and seating available. If you forget to bring your own toys, there are plenty of old tennis balls and frisbees lying around. The turf isn’t completely mangled and people are generally good about picking up after their dogs. Plenty of room for dogs, big and small! Note: the parking lot is small; you might end up on the street (but it’s not a far walk).

Landscape at the Irvine Dog Park

Our visit on January 22, 2012: Okay, so we had our first trail fail moment. Mmmm…. mybe our second (we attemped Holy Jim Falls in a sedan last June and couldn’t make it to the trailhead). We ventured out to hike Peter’s Canyon, but it was closed due to the recent rainstorm. Who knew?! So… this was Plan B. Many people were here on a Sunday afternoon. Maybe we all had the same idea? Our 45-minute stay was filled with plenty of sprints and even more fetches. A tired weim is a happy weim.

Sisters at the Irvine Bark Park.

Gal Friday at the Irvine Bark Park.

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