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Dog Beach | Divers Cove, Laguna Beach

One of the perks of having a dog guest is that it forces me to think about where to entertain them. Earlier in the day, Miss Britta and her new friend, Miss Maren, stopped in at Peter’s Canyon Regional Park. Then we headed down to Laguna Beach.

Dogs are restricted to off-peak hours during the summer, and technically should be leashed at all times, but if it’s a quiet day and I know I’m not disturbing anyone, I’m okay if the leash falls off for a few minutes. Here are a few photos from our visit to the beach.

Watching the girls play in the water, and seeing how happy they are to just be reminds me that I need to do this much more often.

Miss Britta, trying to figure out her next move.

Miss Maren on the run.

Miss Maren and some new-found seaweed.

On the chase… again.

I eat you.


Britta about to sneak up on Maren from behind.

Happy face!

Late afternoon sun.



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